KATOD is a cutting edge

manufacturing company
Production facilities have unique high-performance equipment, developed and produced by our specialists in accordance with the latest world achievements in a field of electronic industry
October 19 1959 Creation of a Development-Design Department at the Novosibirsk factory "Ekran". The official registration date of the DDD October 19 1959
1959 – 1964 30 R&D works are completed Works on technology unification and black & white kinescopes straight production line implementation.

Developments: Photomultiplier FEU-83 (used in laser range finders and theodolites), pulse shutters ZIM-1, ZIM-2 (used for registration of swift flowing processes in nuclear physics and optics), image intensifier tube «KLYUCH» (used for biological researches in visible and near ultraviolet region).

Launch of photomultiplier FEU-16BV production.
1959 – 1964
1965 – 1969 53 R&D works are completed 10 devices are developed: Kinescope, series of photomultipliers, image intensifier (with grid shutter), double image intensifier (dissector); oscillographic cathode-ray tube.

8 certificates of authorship are received.

The technology and conveyor-mechanized production system of 0 Gen IITs are worked out and implemented. With the help of ZIS-1 amplifier for the first time it became possible to register the process of nuclear collisions in counter-propagating beams of amplifiers.
1965 – 1969
1970 – 1974 99 R&D are completed Conveyor-mechanized production system of oscillographic CRT is launched.

6 new developments: series of photomultipliers in scintillation spectrometers, in air-borne missiles equipment; cathode ray 0-indicators (in nuclear physics); black and white kinescope; cascade image intensifier «Kanal» (in nuclear physics and optics).

14 certificates of authorship are received.
1970 – 1974
1975 – 1979 147 R&D are comleted 11 new developments: Series of special purpose oscillographic cathode-ray tubes (OCRT); photomultiplier in detectors of soft-landing systems of spaceships; devices for agricultural engineering.

23 certificates of authorship are received. At the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy the device 17LO1I received 5 medals: 1 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze.
1975 – 1979
1980 – 1984 147 R&D are complated Computer-aided production process (CAPP) of 0 Gen image intensifier tubes is launched. 10 new developments: series of photomultipliers for different purposes – FEU-139 (in medical apparatus for internal diagnostics), FEU-148 (for light flux registration in satellite tracking systems), FEU-153, FEU-159 (in x-ray scintillation detector blocks), FEU-160, FEU-161; oscillographic CRT 17LO7I.

19 certificates of authorship are received.
1980 – 1984
1985 – 1989 91 R&D are completed Working on equipment and engineering process improvement.

6 newdevelopments: oscillographic CRTs 13LO107A, 17LO107I, 0 Gen. IIT EP-24 (for biological object researches), photon detector «Kvazar».

15 certificates of authorship for inventions are received.

Combineddevice «Kvazar» is being used for light signals registration in low-light level conditions in deep water detector set at the bottom of the lake Baikal.
1985 – 1989
1991 DDD «Katod» 1991DDD was set under RSFSR jurisdiction. Simultaneously it got the new name – State enterprise DDD «Katod». 1991
1994 In the result of privatization in 1994 SDD "Katod" was registered as OJSC "Katod", and reregistered as JSC "Katod" in 1999. 160 R&D are comleted 24 new developments, among them: oscillographic CRT, display kinescopes, series of devices for agricultural, cultural and household purposes (lamps, detectors for combines etc.), 2+ Gen image intensifier tubes (with micro channel gain).

Construction and technology development process of Gen 3 IITs is launched.
1996 Serial production of Gen 2+ IITs was launched. The first observational night vision devices are being developed and manufactured. 1996
1999 28 R&D are completed 10 newdevelopments: Gen 2+ IITs – EPM53G, EPM103G, EPM104G; Gen 3 IIT – EPM52G and EPM62G series; night vision devices googgles ONV2+/1x-200; ONV2+/4x, binocular BNV-5x, monoculars MNV-1x, MNV-4x. 4 patents for production technology of IIT and NVD are received. MasteringprocessofGen 2+ IITswaslaunched. 1999
2001 IIT of 2nd generation with 25mm photocathode diameter is developed Unique night vision goggles based on the IIT are developed with 60 degree FOV. 2001
2003 Special R&D bureau of night vision devices becomes a part of Katod, JSC 2003
2004 12 R&D are completed 10 newdevelopments: Gen 2+ IITs – EPM105G series, IIT with working diameter 25 mm – EPM107G and EPM108G series; Gen 3 IITs – EPM109G, EPM112C, EPM112z series; night vision device – binocular goggles BNO-1, sports sights PNS3-4x and PNS9-6x, monocular MNV-1x/25 (wide-angled).

3 patents for production technology of IIT are received.
2005 Series of 3 Gen image intensifier tube with pulse power supply is worked out Workingon 2+ Gen IIT with fiber optics element photocathode.

New types of different embodiments NVDs are developed and launched into production process.
2016 Opening of a new production facility with ultra clean room facilities Squareis 6000 m2. ISO 5,  ISO 6 clean room  facilities square – 2000 m2. 2016
2018 Pilot batch of photomultipliers UFK-5G-2D with microchannel intensification are developed and supplied to CERN for the Cherenkov counter 2018
01Individual approach
As a manufacturing company, as well as having our own technology for manufacturing image intensifier tubes, we focus on an individual approach to customers.

Also, given that a significant part of our products is intended for export to other countries, we focus not only on domestic, but also on international quality and control standards for image intensifiers and night vision devices, including military MIL standards.

02Quality control
All finished products undergo acceptance and periodic tests. In addition to the acceptance, control of the parameters of the produced image intensifier tubes, photomultipliers and night vision devices, each device is tested for the impact of mechanical and climatic factors, including the use of shock loads, sudden temperature changes, high air humidity, etc. Such types of control as tests for reliability, durability and preservation are also used.
03Own equipment
Having our own production and control equipment provides the ability to implement strict control at every stage of the product life cycle – from checking materials to testing finished devices.
Presenting ever more stringent and diversified requirements for products, our customers encourage us to find new, non-standard solutions to problems, create devices that have no analogues in the night vision market, maintain and increase our competitiveness.
We strive to ensure that quality is a priority in everything we do. We understand that the sustainable development of a company and its further integration into the global economy is possible only through quality. We see our task in creating, maintaining and constantly improving conditions that guarantee high quality products.
We are grateful to our partners for their contribution to the development of the company’s business and will strive to maintain a constructive dialogue with them and further develop external relations based on mutual trust and respect.
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