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Night Vision Cameras

Night Vision Cameras are intended for observation of remote objects in low light conditions. Night Vision Cameras can be used during military and special operations, night patrolling and site protection, night air and sea navigation through on-line monitor observation; at rescue and emergency operations; for creation of automated vision systems and also in medical X-ray imaging equipment and other devices. Night Vision Cameras can be also used for cross-country navigation with no white light illumination at night time.

  • Gen 2+ or Gen 3 built-in Image Intensifier Tube
  • High resistance to external actions enable to mount Night Vision Cameras to a wide range of vehicles and weapons including armored vehicles and sniper rifles
  • The image can be analyzed through computer equipment that enables the detection of hidden and low-contrast objects
  • Supply voltage 12 V
  • Night Vision Cameras are designed to produce the observed scene/ object in the form of PAL video signal

KNV type KNV4-3/18-2-HR
TV limiting resolution, TV lines, min 650 across
500 vertically
Weight of camera, g, max 250
Diameter, mm 45,0
Length, mm 72
Input voltage, V 10,8-13,2
Input current, mA, max 200
CCD format, inches 1/3
Output signal type HD-SDI, PAL
Parameters of IIT
Generation of IIT 3
Luminous sensitivity, μA/lm, min 1800
Limiting resolution lp/mm, min 64
Signal to Noise Ratio Not less than 24
Type of Power Supply UnitStandard (no auto-gating)