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Night driving system

D.A.I.N. system is designed for comfortable night driving or sailing and navigation in low visibility conditions.

The system is based on Gen 2+ Image Intensifier tube and provides high-quality observation of the territory (roadbed, grassed road side / harbor, gulf, sea) and objects (vehicles, people, animals/ ships, rocks, obstacles) at night.

D.A.I.N. enables night driving in any conditions including light striking (headlight beams and road illumination). The system also provides clear image in severe weather conditions (smoke, fog, precipitations).

D.A.I.N. system doesn’t require external illuminators visible to the human eye, so it doesn’t get in way of oncoming cars. It also permits the use of the system for special-forces raids.

Generation of the receiving module

2+ or 3

Display «Prology», diagonal


Limiting resolution, TV lines


Field of view, across/vertically, degrees


Visual range, m

up to 200

High radiant intensity of each IR-headlight, W/sr


Power supply, V (electrical system)


Overall weight with all blocks and cables, kg


System complete set: video module with 2 headlights and monitor with control panel.

The system includes IR illuminators invisible to the human eye. There is an impulse gated lighting which goes well with dimmers’ function and provides vision up to 200 m. Observed object is displayed. Video module of the system is attached to the top of the vehicle/ship body with the help of magnetic mounts. Monitor with control panel is fixed inside the passenger compartment. Power supply is provided by the electrical system of the vehicle/ship.