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Lightweight headmount

Lightweight headmount (its weight doesn’t exceed 180 g) allows hand-free operation and enables hours of comfortable viewing. This headmount has been specially designed for JSC Katod Night Vision Devices and may be used with Night Vision Goggles (ONV I, ONV-IR, ONV—18 series) without any additional adapters. Using swing arm mount you may also attach Night Vision Monocular (MNV-K, MNV-KR series) to the headmount. The swing arm mount enables to swing the monocular over for either the right eye or the left eye by easily pushing the button on it with one hand. For more comfortable operation you may order the NVD equipped with automatic shut-off function which enables to shut-off the Monocular/ Goggles when the device is flipped-up of the viewing position.