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Helmet mount assembly

Helmet mount assembly allows to attach a Night Vision Device to the front of the MICH or PASGT helmet (and any other helmets with shield length not more than 12—14 mm). Night Vision Goggles (ONV I, ONV-IR, ONV—18 series) may be helmet mounted without any additional adapters. Using the swing arm mount you may also attach Night Vision Monocular (MNV-K, MNV-KR series) to the helmet mount. Special tightening and fixation straps of the helmet mount allow to adjust the NVD to the most comfortable position. Helmet mount incorporates standard adjustment including flip-up/flip-down options allowing the user to move the Monocular/ Goggles up and out of the way of the face with the help of the swing arm mount.

For more comfortable operation you may order the NVD equipped with automatic shut-off function which enables to shut-off the Monocular/ Goggles when the device is flipped-up of the viewing position.