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Image Intensifier Tubes

Image intensifier tube is an opto-electronic vacuum device for increasing the intensity of available light in an optical system to facilitate visual imaging of low-light processes or for conversion of non-visible light sources such as near-infrared or short wave infrared to visible.

Image intensifier tube is a main component of Night Vision Device.

JSC “Katod” commercially produces more than 280 modifications of Image intensifier tubes. Wide range of design solutions and different levels of technical parameters of the tubes ensure the production of night vision devices meeting the requirements of the most demanding clients.

Mobility of the scientific and production capabilities allows to develop and produce the necessary products in the shortest possible time. Approach to the manufacturing process, providing for the simultaneously improvement of IIT and NVD, enables to keep up with the latest trends of the world market and realize them in the finished product.

Legacy products

Katod brand Image Intensifier Tubes which are no longer in production. Please contact us if you have questions about these products, supplies, repair or replacement.

EPM105G series EPM106G
EPM105G-00-22B EPM44G series
EPM105G-00-22V EPM44G-A
EPM105G-00-22S EPM44G-B
EPM105G-00-22KA EPM44G-V
EPM105G-00-22KB EPM44G-D
EPM105G-00-22KV EPM44G-S
EPM105G-00-22KS EPM44G-AU
EPM105G-01-22A EPM44G-BU
EPM105G-01-22B EPM44G-VU
EPM105G-01-22V EPM44G-DU
EPM105G-01-22S EPM44G-SU
EPM105G-01-22KB EPM104G series
EPM105G-01-22KV EPM104G-01-11A
EPM105G-01-22KS EPM104G-01-11B
EPM105G-02-22A EPM104G-01-11V
EPM105G-02-22B EPM104G-01-11S
EPM105G-02-22V EPM104G-01-11AU
EPM105G-02-22S EPM104G-01-11BU
EPM105G-02-22KA EPM104G-01-11VU
EPM105G-02-22KB EPM104G-01-11SU
EPM105G-02-22KV EPM104G-02-11A
EPM105G-02-22KS EPM104G-02-11B
EPM105G-03-22A EPM104G-02-11V
EPM105G-03-22B EPM104G-02-11S
EPM105G-03-22V EPM104G-02-11AU
EPM105G-03-22S EPM104G-02-11BU
EPM105G-03-22KA EPM104G-02-11VU
EPM105G-03-22KB EPM104G-02-11sU
EPM105G-03-22KS EPM103G series
EPM105G-04-22A EPM103G-01-22A
EPM105G-04-22B EPM103G-01-22B
EPM105G-04-22V EPM103G-01-22V
EPM105G-04-22s EPM103G-01-22S
EPM105G-04-22KA EPM103G-01-22AU
EPM105G-04-22KB EPM103G-01-22BU
EPM105G-04-22KV EPM103G-01-22VU
EPM105G-04-22KS EPM103G-01-22sU
EPM105G-01-11A EPM103G-02-22A
EPM105G-01-11B EPM103G-02-22B
EPM105G-01-11V EPM103G-02-22V
EPM105G-01-11s EPM103G-02-22s
EPM105G-01-11KA EPM103G-02-22AU
EPM105G-01-11KB EPM103G-02-22BU
EPM105G-01-11KV EPM103G-02-22VU
EPM105G-01-11KS EPM103G-02-22SU
EPM105G-02-11A EPM103G-03-22A
EPM105G-02-11B EPM103G-03-22B
EPM105G-02-11V EPM103G-03-22V
EPM105G-02-11s EPM103G-03-22S
EPM105G-02-11KA EPM103G-03-22AU
EPM105G-02-11KB EPM103G-03-22BU
EPM105G-02-11KV EPM103G-03-22VU
EPM105G-02-11KS EPM103G-03-22SU
EPM105G-03-32A EPM103G-04-22A
EPM105G-03-32B EPM103G-04-22B
EPM105G-03-32V EPM103G-04-22V
EPM105G-03-32S EPM103G-04-22S
EPM105G-03/2-32A EPM103G-04-22AU
EPM105G-03/2-32B EPM103G-04-22BU
EPM105G-03/2-32V EPM103G-04-22VU
EPM105G-03/2-32S EPM103G-04-22SU
EPM105G-03/3-32A EPM103G-02-22ТA
EPM105G-03/3-32B EPM103G-02-22ТB
EPM105G-03/3-32V EPM103G-02-22ТV
EPM105G-03/3-32S EPM103G-02-22ТS
EPM105G-03-32РA EPM103G-02-22МA
EPM105G-03-32РB EPM103G-02-22МB
EPM105G-03-32РV EPM103G-02-22МV
EPM105G-03-32РS EPM103G-02-22МS
EPM105G-03/1-32РB EPM108G series
EPM105G-03/1-32РV EPM108G-00-22A
EPM105G-03/1-32РS EPM108G-00-22B
EPM105G-03/2-32РA EPM108G-00-22V
EPM105G-03/2-32РB EPM108G-00-22s
EPM105G-03/2-32РV EPM108G-10-22A
EPM105G-03/2-32РS EPM108G-10-22B
EPM105G-03/3-32РA EPM108G-10-22V
EPM105G-03/3-32РB EPM108G-10-22s
EPM105G-03/3-32РV EPM108G-04-22A
EPM105G-03/3-32РS EPM108G-04-22B
EPM105G-03/3-42A EPM108G-04-22V
EPM105G-03/3-42B EPM108G-04-22s
EPM105G-03/3-42V EPM108G-14-22A
EPM105G-03/3-42S EPM108G-14-22B
EPM105G-01-22NA EPM108G-14-22V
EPM105G-01-22NB EPM108G-14-22S