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Digital Night Vision

Along with traditional NVDs JSC Katod produces Digital Night Vision Devices based on photoreceiving modules.

Advantages of digital Night Vision Devices:

  • Capability of providing either digital or analog signal
  • Enhanced image quality through signal processing
  • Unwanted light reduction (local or integral)
  • Possibility to combine visual image with thermal imaging channels
  • Possibility of image transfer from remote areas and displaying it on the monitor (s)
  • Usability in comparison with ocular Night Vision Devices

Digital Night Vision Devices Application:

  •  ght patrolling and site protection
  • Military and special operations
  • Land and sea navigation at night
  • Remote viewing of places where standard handheld NVDs cannot be used (high-radiation areas, fire areas, poisoned areas, ultra low/ ultra high temperature areas, etc.)
  • Medical and science applications